Science Courses (MS)

SC 0600 Science 6

Students are engaged in hands-on inquiry based labs that focus on a wide range of science topics. Some of the areas of focus for the year are energy, scientific method, cells, organ systems, plants, water cycle, atmosphere, and science as a human endeavor. There is an emphasis on maintaining a science lab notebook, while supporting a safe lab environment during investigations.

SC 0700 Science 7

This course is designed to introduce concepts in life, Earth and space sciences, setting a foundation for higher grades, as well as foster an appreciation and respect for the world around us. The classes are steeped in hands-on inquiry-based activities, including studies in populations of organisms in an ecosystem and the structure of the Earth, as well as exploring Earth�s processes and systems and understand the relationship of the Earth and other objects in the solar system. Students will improve their understanding and skills related to scientific inquiry, scientific methods and the analysis of data.

SC 0800 Science 8

This Physical Science course focuses on the basic understanding of the nature and structure of matter and the characteristic of energy to introduce the basics of chemistry, physics and genetics. Students study how science is conducted and communicated and gain the bulk of their knowledge through student centered, inquiry-based labs and projects, ranging from short mini-labs to more in-depth, multi-day investigations. Major areas of study include the organization and use of the periodic table; physical and chemical changes; Atomic Theory and nuclear reactions; temperature and heat; electricity and magnetism; and work, force, and motion. The course aligns with both the Arizona State Standards and the National Science Education Standards.