Physical Education Electives (MS)

Middle School: In either 7th or 8th grade, students will take PE0700 or Dance I/II to meet the middle school Physical Education requirement. Students entering Grade 8 who already took PE0700 or Dance I may take PE 0800 or Dance II if they choose, but not required)

Physical Education

PE 0600 6th Grade Physical Education/Health

6th Grade PE will be taken by all 6th-grade students once per week as part of their elective rotation. This class presents a wide array of topics related to physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle while integrating instruction and practice in basics of various team sports. Students learn how to assess their own fitness levels and, based on this assessment, will be able to design their own personal fitness program focusing on a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Students are expected to perform at their own level of physical fitness as well as make significant gains in their level of fitness throughout the course.

PE 0700 Physical Education/Health (Grades 7-8)

This course will meet the Middle School Health requirement. The classroom health component addresses Arizona State Standards for health education, including fitness, nutrition, disease prevention, personal health behaviors, and many others in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. The physical application component includes exercise as well as instruction and practice in basics of various team sports. Students will be expected to participate actively in both components of the course and follow guidelines regarding appropriate clothing for physical activity, safety issues, and proper use of gym equipment and space.