English Courses (MS)

EN 0600 Writing 6

This course is designed to develop the foundation needed to be successful writers. Modeled after Writer’s Workshop, students write daily, responding to both fictional and informational texts, and exploring persuasive, argumentative, literary analysis, informative, and narrative writing. Emphasis is on the revision process as students work to improve their academic skills.

EN 0610 Reading 6

This course is designed to develop the necessary skills to be confident, successful readers. Students learn strategies to strengthen their ability to comprehend and analyze a variety of texts and learn how to apply this in their writing. In addition, students will focus on increasing fluency and phonemic awareness, but most importantly, a love of reading.

EN 0700 English 7

The goal is for students to become comfortable with communicating through writing and to understand themselves as writers, as they explore the types of writing expected in middle and high school, as well as college courses. Students learn to read a variety of texts closely and use examples and quotes from them as support for the topics of their writing. Texts will vary in genre.

EN 0801 English 8

This course concentrates on developing a student’s skills as a reader, writer, and critical thinker. Time will be spent discussing and investigating class readings and participating in a reader-to-reader dialogue. Students participate in weekly writing workshops and write in a variety of forms, for a variety of audiences and purposes, using class texts as a model. Throughout this course, students read both teacher and student-selected books. Additional units may focus on alternative genres like poetry or short stories.