Foreign Language Courses (MS)

FL001 – Latin I (Required: 7th Grade)

Latin I introduces students to the myth, literature and culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The text, Ecce Romani, emphasizes the learning of Latin vocabulary and grammar, skills that increase the students’ understanding of the English language and prepares them for the study of modern languages. The adventures and stories of the fictional Cornelii family give the students a feel for Roman culture and daily life in A.D. 80. Latin I is required for all 7th graders and is a prerequisite for Latin II.

FL031 Spanish Basics (Optional Elective: 8th Grade Only)

Spanish Basics provides the fundamentals of pronunciation, basic vocabulary, and grammar of the Spanish language. The class is designed to give students the foundations that satisfy basic social situations. Students are also introduced to different cultures and traditions of the Spanish speaking world. Spanish I begins in high school and has a dual enrollment option. The idea of this course is to better prepare students for the rigor required in a high school course. Prerequisite: None