Middle School Program

The middle school curriculum calls for maintaining exciting and dynamic classes that challenge students to perform at high levels of academic standards. The curriculum, which exceeds the Arizona Academic Standards, is designed to allow students to develop at their own rate both academically and socially. Classes emphasize active, project-based learning, helping students understand connections between disciplines. The curriculum is designed to be challenging for all students.

Sample Schedules for Middle School

The 6th grade curriculum consists of the following courses:

  • Language Arts 6 – Reading
  • Language Arts 6 – Writing
  • Math 6 or Pre-Algebra 6
  • Science 6
  • Social Studies 6
  • Specials Rotation (consisting of art, music, and physical education) or Band
  • Study Skills 6

Typically, a 7th grade student will take the following seven-course schedule:

  • English: Basic English Composition 7
  • Foreign Language: Latin I
  • Math: by placement – Pre-Algebra or Algebra I
  • Science: Science 7
  • Social Studies: Humanities 7 (formerly World Geography)
  • Sixth course: General Elective (P.E., art, music, dance)
  • Seventh course: Integrated Learning Strategies 7

The schedule for the typical 8th grader will have the following seven courses:

  • English: English Composition 8 or English Composition 8 Honors
  • Math: Algebra or Geometry
  • Science: Physical Science 8
  • Social Studies: US History 8 Pre-AP
  • Fifth course: General Elective (P.E., art, music, theater, dance, guitar, Spanish Basics)
  • Sixth course: General Elective
  • Seventh course: Integrated Learning Strategies 8