NPA Course Catalog

The complete NPA Course Catalogs for 2019-20 are available as a PDFs:
NPA High School Course Catalog 2019-20
NPA Middle School Course Catalog 2019-20

Northland Preparatory Academy is a public charter school. The charter for our school is specifically designed to serve students in a highly academic setting. Several of our courses are Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, benefiting students who strive for the challenge of a quality college preparatory education.


As a charter school, the NPA faculty, staff, and governing board must adhere closely to the stated goals of the charter, which calls for a highly academic college prep school. The school welcomes all applicants regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or economic status. No admission test is administered for prospective students; however, students are expected to take at least five core courses a year, including English, a second language, math, science, and history or social studies. Fine arts are an essential part of a well-rounded college prep program and many NPA students take art and/or music courses beyond the one-credit high school requirement.