Guidance Department FAQs:

My college or university is asking for an OFFICIAL copy of my transcript to be sent, who can help me with that?

Our Registrar, Mrs. Luedde, handles transcript requests. Please see her and provide her with  an electronic or physical address where the document needs to be sent. Your Counselor or Mrs. Luedde can also provide you with an UNOFFICIAL copy of your transcript.   ^ return to top

I’d like a letter of recommendation form my counselor, how can I obtain one?

If you would like to a letter of recommendation from your counselor, please see them in advance of needing it. Counselors, depending on the time of year, will need 3-4 weeks’ notice for letters of recommendation. Please also provide any pertinent information, such as the address where the  letter is to be sent, and if the letter is for admission, scholarship contention, or something else. Please also have your student resume ready at the time of request, as counselors will do an interview with each student that requests a letter.

What can I talk to my counselor about?

Counselors are available to speak with students regarding academic and non-academic issues. Please note that counselors maintain confidentiality of student conversations, however, they are also mandated reporters that will need report instances of abuse and neglect, and/or if a student is a danger to themselves, or others.

Should I make an appointment to see my counselor?

It is recommended that you make an appointment to see your counselor. This will ensure that the counselor can allot the needed time to the issue, as well as to ensure that you are meeting  during your ILS. If you have an immediate issue, though, please see the counselor to triage.

Who is my designated school counselor?

Mrs. Compain sees students with the last names A-L, while Ms. Callan sees students with the last names M-Z.

How do I know when ACT or SAT tests are being offered?

Mrs. Compain maintains a bulletin board outside of her office (room 206) that contains a wealth of information, including SAT/ACT test dates, workshop information, scholarship information, and college/university visits. Please visit this board often!!

Do colleges and universities visit NPA?

Yes, Mrs. Compain works with colleges and universities to coordinate visits to the NPA campus.
A full list of visiting schools can be found on the bulletin board outside of her office, room 206. If you
are interested in attending a school visit session, you will need to sign up at the book at the admin desk, and obtain a pass from Ms. Kasprzyk. These visits are for juniors and seniors.

What is the Northland Preparatory Academy CEEB/school code?

Northland Preparatory Academy’s CEEB/school code is 030111. You will need this code when
registering for SAT/ACT tests, as well as for AP tests.

Do parents need an appointment to meet with a counselor?

It is highly advisable to make an appointment with your student’s counselor, as the counselor’s
days are very full, meeting with students. Parents that drop-in, may not be able to see a counselor,
immediately, if that counselor is in a meeting with a student. Making an appointment also allows the
counselor to block out the time needed for the appointment.

How many credits are required for an NPA diploma?

NPA requires 24 credits for graduation. The specific break down of these requirements can be
found on the NPA website, in the course catalog.

Does NPA offer dual-enrollment opportunities?

NPA is currently working on dual-enrollment opportunities, and once the agreements are
finalized, information will be passed on to our NPA families.

What is CAVIAT? Can my student earn college and NPA credit with CAVIAT?

CAVIAT is a vocational set of programs. NPA allows students to participate in CAVIAT classes,
however, because they are vocational in nature, and NPA is a college prep school, we cannot
unequivocally accept CAVIAT courses. We can accept most credit as elective credit, and credit towards the overall 24 required credits for graduation.

What is an ILS? Does my student have to take one?

ILS refers to Integrated Learning Strategies. This is a study hall-type class that we highly
recommend each NPA student elect on their schedule. During this ILS time, students may work on
assignments, homework, or seek out additional instruction form available teachers. An ILS period is not required though for students.

How do I change my class schedule?

NPA has a drop/add period that occurs during the first 5 days of school. If you are thinking about
changing your schedule, you will need to see your counselor, to ensure that you are on track with your credits. Class changes are also dependent upon open sections and seating availability. Any course or schedule change requests after the add/drop period will need to be discussed with the Counseling Department and dealt with on a case by case basis, with no guarantees for changes.

What is NPA’s cell phone policy?

NPA students are not to utilize their phones during the school day. We recommend students
keep such devices locked in their lockers, until the end of the day.

How do I know my class rank?

NPA does not do class rankings.

What is the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA?

If you have taken AP courses, you receive more quality points when computing the GPA. This is your weighted GPA. The unweighted GPA does not have factor that in those additional quality points.


Superscoring is when colleges look at the highest score sections as opposed to looking at each individual testing date. Not all colleges and universities will superscore, though, so it is important to investigate on your own.

When should I develop my student resume and what should it look like?

Ideally, you should begin to develop your student resume your freshman year. You should catalog your grades, awards, honors, and achievements on your resume. You should also catalog your extracurricular activities on your resume, making sure to note the scope and intensity of your activities, meaning, for how long have you devoted your time to an activity.
Mrs. Compain can assist you in the template and format of your student resume as well.