Prepare to Succeed (Timelines)

Students in schools that are strong in climate tend to be:

What should I be doing now to plan for my future?

Below are links that will give you a month by month view of what you should be taking care of each year you are in high school. We want to help make sure you are not only on track to graduate but have some plan to guide you toward your intended career. Button links open new windows.

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What is an ECAP?

In 2008, the Arizona State Board of Education voted into board rule the Education Career Action Plan (ECAP) for students in grades 9-12. Arizona educators believe that integrating the ECAP process into all facets of the school experience enables students to be lifelong learners and problem solvers, developing and applying 21st-century skills to their life experiences-as students, as workers, as consumers, and as responsible citizens