Fine Arts

Department Chairs:  Thomas Byers and Whitney Garwood

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Visual Arts

Middle School: Whitney Garwood Intro to Art, Art I-II, MS Photo 1, Yearbook
High School: Beth LaCour Art I, III-IV, HS Photo 1-3, 3D 1-3,
AP Studio Art (Drawing, 2D Design (including Photo), and AP-3D)

Performing Arts

Strings:   Kylie Ahern  Beginning Strings, Concert Strings, Chamber Strings
Guitar:  Thomas Byers  Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Guitar Performance Ensemble
Band:  Sonja London-Hall Beginning Band, Symphonic Band/Intro to Jazz, Honor Band, Beginning Jazz, Advanced Jazz
Choir:   Jamey Hasapis  Glee, Show Choir, Jazz Choir, Beginning Choir/general music
Dance:   Kim Lewis  Dance I – IV, Elevation, Altitude
Drama:   Jamey Hasapis  Intro to Theatre Arts 8th grade, HS Drama/musical theatre