4-13-20 Update from Mrs. Compain

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Hello and welcome to another virtual week Spartans!

I hope with each passing week, you find yourself getting better acclimated to this process.

Remember to be kind to yourself and each other!

AP Students:

In addition to my virtual call with College Board, regarding AP testing this year, I’ve been on the phone with them many times, trying to get the most up-to-date information from them to pass along to you!  Please know, this situation is still evolving and College Board is still figuring out many more details.  However, here is what I’ve learned thus far:

  • All students will be testing in the new May 11-22 window.
  • AP Art students will not be physically mailing in any portfolios this year, but will be uploading their submission individually.
  • IF you do not want to take your AP exam, you may choose to cancel and simply not take the exam, BUT notify me AND jsommers@northlandprep.org BEFOREHAND
  • AP and College Board will be sending out more information this month, regarding day of testing issues—so be sure to check your personal emails, your classroom sites, and the NPA website for new info.
  • Please feel free to refer to this handy link of AP tests by time zone: https://www.totalregistration.net/AP-Exam-Registration-Service/AP-Exam-Schedule.php?timezone=America%2FPhoenix

AP PARENTS: here is an AP webinar just for you! https://globalmeet.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1302024&tp_key=73070ccd21

Any student still interested in test prep, for ACT/SAT, the NACRC can still help you—virtually… Please feel free to contact the NACRC!!! https://in.nau.edu/northern-arizona-college-resource-center/

SENIORS:  Later this month, we will be sending you, via email, your Senior Exit Ticket.  It will also be linked to the NPA website.  This year, more than any other year, it is imperative for us to get your exit ticket back in a timely fashion, as it will be the only way our Registrar will be able to get your final transcripts out on time to your schools.  Please fill these tickets out completely and accurately!

Reminder to ALL:

STUDENTS: Please don’t forget, our Anonymous Alerts is still active…if you have a concern and need help PLEASE reach out: http://northlandprep.org/npa-introduces-a-new-communications-tool-called-anonymous-alerts/

Stay well Spartans!!!

We miss you!!!