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Greeting Spartans, and welcome to MAY!!!

I want to let you know how proud we are of you.  This transition has not been an easy one, but, you are pushing through.  Students, I ask you to continue to move through the discomfort and keep pushing on!!!

SENIORS: A HUGE THANK YOU to all the SENIORS who sent in their Decision Day pix!!! You all look great, and we are super happy for you!!!

I am looking forward to our conversation today, to discuss graduation and activities.

AP STUDENTS:  Please make sure you are logging into to yor class pages, as new info has been shared with your teachers, regarding the upcoming exams, such as the test-day demo, test-day ticket, and before test-day checklist.  Also, if you missed the APUSH with Lin Manuel-Miranda, here is that recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fSQkPJpBqM

AP PARENTS:  please be sure to consult Jsommers@northlandprep.org if you have any questions regarding your remaining balances to be paid.


Welcome to the last week of April Spartans!

As we approach May, please know that you are doing this and you will succeed! This has been a process for ALL of us, believe me, but, we are finding our way and we will see this through together!

Students, please continue to push forward in your online classes, we know it is difficult and different, but, your teachers are here to help, please reach out to them with questions or concerns!!

REMEMBER:  having a structured routine, consistent sleep schedule, and dedicated workspace are key to this process.

AP STUDENTS:  As we draw closer to exams, please remember to pay your remaining balances.  JSommers@northlandprep.org can assist with those fees.

JUNIORS:  Now is a GREAT time to conduct virtual college campus tours.  You can “visit” any campus via their admission department!  You can also look to sites like CommonApp to practice college admission essays.  Sites like GoingMerry and Unigo are also great sites to go to and start scholarship searching!

Speaking of GoingMerry, our friends over there put togeher a handy infographic checklist on college planning during the time of COVID: please visit https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yn86S7zDxxT_fDerm6aSyA08DZESEI0T/view to view!

College Board has announced SATURDAY September 26 will be a new SAT testing day for those that lost spring 2020 testing options visit their webpage for more details and new updates.

JUNIORS and ADMITTED U of A SENIORS:  Our U of A Admissions Counselor, Ellen Cyrier, will be holding webinars for admitted seniors in interested juniors…please use the following links to join the meetings!

Wildcat Webinar

Flagstaff Admitted Seniors

Monday, 4/27 from 3-4 pm

Registration link: https://slate.admissions.arizona.edu/register/WW-04272020-EC

Wildcat Webinar

Flagstaff Juniors

Wednesday, 4/29 from 3-4 pm

Registration link: https://slate.admissions.arizona.edu/register/WW-04292020-EC

SENIORS: 1.   We will shortly be sending out the Senior Exit Tickets for you and your family to complete.  This ticket is mandatory for ensuring your final transcript is sent to the correct receiving institution.  2.  With campus being closed, we still want to celebrate your post-secondary choices…so we have launched the campaign for Decision Day 2020!!!  Please snap a ppic of yourself in your post-secondary choice, be it college, military, trade school, etc… and email it to me!

ALL: Students and families, I want to remind you that in this unprecedented time, there is no right or wrong way of handling this.  We are all handling our lives in the way that is best for us/our families.  I came across this article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it is changing during COVID.  There was a graphic also made that reminds us, we are in the low levels of the hierarchy (for the most part), where we are (trying) to meet physiological and safety needs.  Once we begin to emerge from the COVID, we can work back to where we may have previously been on the hierarchy.

Be kind to yourselves and be kind to each other. https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/covid19-maslows-hierarchy-of-needs-how-is-our-motivation-changing-0420204

ALL STUDENTS: The Stronger as One Teen Club (sponsored city-wide by Coconino County) is hosting free meetings on Zoom each Thursday to support youth in our city during this COVID-19 crisis.  We are living in stressful times and as this situation continues to unfold it is natural for students to feel scared, confused, or worried. During times like these, our health can suffer, even if we don’t really notice it. Many of us can feel, and in fact are, physically separated or removed from our routines, friends, and families. During this time, separation is often necessary for everyone’s health and safety. And while we are apart or stressed, our kids do not have to be alone and should stay connected.  Stronger as One is still meeting with young people, 12-19 years old, to provide a safe and fun space- virtually. Attached is the Stronger as One Teen Club Zoom meeting flyer. E V E R Y T H U R S D A Y V I A Z O OM, 3 – 4 : 1 5 PM

Please contact Julia Diaz (information on the flyer) if you have any questions or need additional resources.

And, don’t forget, I am still available for phone appointments— just email me to set one up!

STUDENTS: Please don’t forget, our Anonymous Alerts is still active…if you have a concern and need help PLEASE reach out: http://northlandprep.org/npa-introduces-a-new-communications-tool-called-anonymous-alerts/

STUDENTS and FAMILIES: There is a local non-profit in Flagstaff called Mental Health Matters, Inc. It has providers and services available on a single portal for adults (www.FlagstaffResources.com) and a teen/youth resource website (www.OnlineTeenHelp.com). These sites are important for the overall health and well-being of the members of our community. Please check out the sites as there are a lot of great resources and agencies listed.